Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here They Are ~

This is "Between the Lines" ~ which is actually my second top for the day (slightly wonky letters instead of straight from Tonya's great instructions).  This one is a collaborative piece as the background is made from two 9" orphan blocks given to me by Wanda of Exuberant Color to be used for the Priority Quilt project.  Liberated touches include seams wherever they fell in order to make it work and virtually nothing left of those two 9" blocks!  I will hand quilt this using embroidery flosses (back will be the letter color and binding will be same fabric as the horizontal lines).  Time permitting, I may add some beading... we'll see.

This is "Essential Ingredient" ~ batik scraps (hadn't tried them with free-piecing before, LOVE how they work!).  The binding will be the same royal blue as the background and the back is a section cut from a scrappy batik quilt back.  Again, I plan to hand quilt ~ perfect lunch hour stress reliever (the batiks have been washed which should help them needle better)...

Really enjoyed my afternoon with these small-scale letters ~ 




Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wheee, isn't it amazing how fast these go together. I really like that second top in particular. happy to hear the instructions were good too - whew.

Victoria said...

both of these look great. they were fun to do right? I enjoyed it!