Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Priority Hope Quilt Challenge

I'm challenging you all to make a quilt for Ami Simm's Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, specifically the Priority Quilt auction.

The challenge (besides the size) is to use:

the word HOPE in fabric, thread, ink or beads on the quilt top
an image of a bird in fabric, thread, ink or beads on the quilt top

Please don't use anyone else's copyrighted pattern - you may however add traditional quilt blocks (but they're gonna have to be teeny).

The goal is to have them mailed to Ami by Thanksgiving (November 20th).

This isn't just a challenge, it's also a class in usual Lazy Gal style. Meaning I just turn you all loose and you post away and ask questions if you need to and make comments on your fellow classmates work. I've deputized Quilt Diva Julie to help out, since she's great at making free-pieced letters AND making Priority Quilts for the Alzhiemer's Initiative.

I made a couple of tops so that I could give you all tips on getting the sizes right if you choose to free-piece the word HOPE. I'm pretty happy with this, my second effort, but I'm hoping it shrinks up some in quilting because it's close to the size limitations right now. I plan to trim before binding just in case.

This was my first one and I was playing around to see just how big I could make the letters. eek, not all that big. I'm not sure this one looks right as is, so I may just add some more to it and keep it for myself.

You can definitely make more than one quilt in this class and only one has to be a donation to the Initiative (although more is certainly encouraged).

Do read through the info at Ami's site to find out how to make and finish quilts donated to her project.

I have made some instructions for free-piecing HOPE you can find them here at Quiltville. Please please please give me feedback.

Oh, I won't be putting the list of all the classmembers in the sidebar. Instead, include a link to your blog (if you have one) in each post. And make sure to do an introductory post please.

You'll need to have a Blogger account to post directly on the blog. That isn't mandatory to be in the class - you can also email me info and I'll add it for you.

To join the class, send an email to me TARTBR47 at Hotmail dot com - I probably won't see it if you just ask in the comments. Let me know if you have a Blogger account and I'll invite you to join the blog.

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Victoria said...

I love the colors!! its so fun! Your very good with the color choices and design. very impressed.